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Drones: New Technology, New Threats, New Solutions

Daniel Mikulsky, DRI International

When the Wright brothers inaugurated manned flight they ushered in a new era of transportation, as well as combat warfare.  With today’s commercially developed drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, we embark upon new possibilities in service and support as well as new challenges in physical and cybersecurity protection.  The future is here and is rapidly changing around us.
This session will investigate this new technology, and cite examples where drones are already in use to improve effectiveness in Emergency Management and response.  Hand in hand with innovative use, adaptation and design of commercially available drones is the need for proactive responsibility for physical and cybersecurity of drones and drone management systems.  Business Continuity Professionals can contribute to the dialogue of drones through their unique understanding of risk and control.

daniel mikulsky

Daniel Mikulsky is currently the lead instructor for IT/DR at DRI International. He has implemented IT/DR and crisis management within several U.S. federal agencies and in commercial and non-profit organizations for the financial services and other industry sectors within Computer Science Corporation’s (CSC) Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Big Data practice. Mikulsky is certified as an MBCP and has served as board member for a business continuity professional association. He has more than 25 years of IT experience, with over 20 years specifically applied to business continuity. He has prior experience as an officer at JP Morgan, and the manager for technology at The Blackstone Group. Mikulsky holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and an MBA in IT from The George Washington University. He has recently completed a Master of Arts in Homeland Security from American Military University.