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Events of Substance

Since the inaugural conference in 2012, DRI’s conferences have grown and evolved into events of true substance, providing education and networking opportunities attendees won’t find at any other industry event – while maintaining the close-knit, intimate atmosphere that attendees prefer. Each year, the conference draws on past attendee responses to carefully curate a program that speaks to the interests of experienced professionals in the field, and involves them in activities that meet their needs, including educational development and community volunteerism. Building upon past experience to make the event the best it can be is part of the DRI conference that draws business continuity professionals back year after year.

The Conference At A Glance

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Conference Program

DRI conferences feature sessions on the most important issues facing the business continuity community, presented by subject matter experts with experience facing those issues. Presentations range from real-world case studies to back-and-forth discussions that directly engage the audience. The MyDRI presentation library offers a complete collection of every conference session, downloadable as PDFs.

Praise for DRI Conferences

DRI conferences give attendees an event that speaks to them and offers a deep base of knowledge, as well as a unique opportunity to network with other experienced professionals in business continuity and related fields. Here’s what just a few of those professionals had to say about the event:

By Professionals, For Professionals

I think a differentiator for this conference that is interesting is that everyone here is a [business continuity] professional. So you get a change to have fellowship if you will. A chance to get to know other professionals and learn a little bit about their area of expertise.

– Anthony Pizzitola, MBCP, Jones Lang LaSalle

This [conference] is more comprehensive. This is really taught by professionals. They're not trying to sell you something. They know their business. They are professionals, and they're trying to teach you something. Something you can take back home.

– Pauline Williams-Banta, MBCP, The Energy Authority

Engaging Discussions

It was the opportunity to sit in a room, to sit in sessions with like-minded individuals, not folks who are just interested in ‘What is this going to mean?’ or ‘This is something interesting,’ but people who really want to continuity to learn and continue to grow, and that’s what comes up in these sessions, the level of engagement of the panel speakers really talks to folks who are committed to this industry.

– Ira Tannenbaum, CBCP, NYC OEM

The education here is meeting me at my level as a certified business continuity professional, that has been in my profession for years. I’m seasoned and I feel that when I come to this conference that every class I’m taking is elevating my knowledge, and so for that it’s well worth my time.

– Lissette Giorgi, CBCP, Wells Fargo & Co.

True Networking

I think that’s one of the things we like best about the DRI conferences, is that it seems like a much more intimate conference than a lot of the ones we go to. From a networking perspective everything is very friendly, very easy to talk to and there seems to be a lot of interesting in speaking with the vendors and participating in the sessions.

– Bill Venteicher, Dell Software

I've been to all the DRI conferences. I really enjoy the closeness. I'm getting to know a lot of the people who attend this. I feel it does very good in becoming more in depth information provided. One of the things I really like about DRI and their conferences is that I get to spend a lot of time learning information from a bunch of different people, and getting different viewpoints within the industry. So it becomes more of a back and forth among professionals, as opposed to just going up and talking to vendors, and hearing the basics. I think that digging deeper is one of the things that I really like about this program.

– Dean Gallup, CBCP, Advantaged Solutions

DRI Conference Locations:

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