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Supply Chain and the Most Serious Global Risks

Speakers: Linda Conrad, Zurich, Chloe Demrovsky, DRI International

Tuesday, March 8, 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Each year, a few weeks before the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland, Zurich Insurance Group co-produces a report on global risk. Currently, in its tenth year, the report, which began by merely identifying risks, now analyzes the connections between them, along with the "cascade effect" of such events as natural disasters, economic crises and geopolitical strife. The result is one of the most comprehensive references available for businesses and supply chains engaged in global commerce. During this session, DRI’s Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky will facilitate a conversation with Linda Conrad, director of strategic business risk for Zurich, who reviews the conclusions of the report as it relates to both developed and developing countries. She also discusses why this year’s report marks a change in the list of top global risks.

Linda Conrad

Linda Conrad is Director of Strategic Business Risk Management for Zurich. She leads a global team responsible for delivering tactical solutions to Zurich and to customers on strategic issues such as business resilience, supply chain risk, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), risk culture and Total Risk Profiling. Conrad also addresses enterprise resiliency issues in print and television appearances, including CNBC, Fox Business News and the Financial Times, and is featured in a Wall Street Journal micro-site at www.SupplyChainRiskInsights.com.

Conrad holds a Specialist designation in ERM, and serves on the global Education Advisory Board of the Institute of Risk Management in London. She is deputy member of the ERM Committee of RIMS, sits on the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council, and was Chairwoman of the Asian Risk Management Conference. She taught at University of Delaware Captive program and in the Masters on Supply Chain Management program at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where she serves on the Corporate Advisory Council. Linda studied at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland and Fox Business School.

Chloe Demrovsky

Chloe Demrovsky is the Executive Director for Disaster Recovery Institute International, a thought leader in resilience serving Fortune 500 companies and government bodies. In her former position as Managing Director of Global Operations, she designed and implemented the international market development strategy and manages a global network in over 50 countries. She has presented at dozens of industry conferences and events on four continents and conducts on-site briefings for government bodies and international organizations as well as for visiting delegations. She has written for respected industry publications, and acts as International Editor for DRI's online magazine and regional blogs, and runs four volunteer committees for DRI International. She is an Adjunct Professor at New York University's Center for Global Affairs teaching at the graduate level. Her independent work focuses on private sector solutions for poverty alleviation and social inclusion. She conducted research on economic liberalization policy in India, designed a market research survey for a non-governmental organization in Kenya, and was a member of a climate change think-tank for the United Nations. She holds a BA from Bard College and an MS from NYU. Follow Chloe Demrovsky on Twitter:

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