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Exhibitor Marketing Tools

Web Banners

Promote your DRI booth on your website or in any e-marketing tools sent to your database.

For questions on this tool, or if you need a different sized banner,
contact Kathleen Brown at .

To download:

Option 1: Right click on the appropriate image below and choose "Save Picture As..." or "Save Image As...". Then link the banner ad on your site to https://driconference.org to send your website visitors directly to event information and registration.

Option 2: You can embed your DRI promotional graphic on your blog or website. Simply copy the code below your desired banner ad and paste it into your website.

dri 2016 come see 120 x240

120 x 240
<a href="/"><img src="/images/dri-2016_come-see-120-x240.gif" alt="dri2016 come see us" /></a>

dri 2016 come see 140 x60

140 x 60
<a href="/"><img src="/images/dri-2016_come-see-140-x60.gif" alt="dri2016 come see us" /></a>

dri 2016 come see 330 x290

330 x 290
<a href="/"><img src="/images/dri-2016_come-see-330-x290.gif" alt="dri2016 come see us" /></a>

dri 2016 come see 1772 x266

1772 x 266
<a href="/"><img src="/images/dri-2016_come-see-1772-x266.gif" alt="dri2016 come see us" /></a>

Email Marketing

Exhibitors can utilize email marketing to encourage clients and prospects to attend DRI2016. Download the html file and customize with your company name, logo and booth #.

Download HTML file

DRI2016 HTML Email


Social Media

DRI uses social media to promote DRI2016, and exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to participate on all the major social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to raise awareness and help attract attendees to their booth.

Click here to access the DRI Social Media Toolkit


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